Studied effectiveness from metals

Copper is one of the metals that has been studied a lot recently, in Finland and overseas. It is known to have antiviral functions also against COVID-19 virus. In a study of The New England Journal of Medicine, SARS-CoV-2 virus was found to become inactive within four hours on a copper surface. (n engl j med 382;16 April 16, 2020)

After several laboratory tests we developed a new and more efficient protection against COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2), CovidSafe. The cover which efficiency is based on copper has a multi-metal hybrid coating. CovidSafe kills COVID-19 virus in just seconds. CovidSafe is a natural and safe way to protect oneself against COVID-19 virus.

Temporary cover is a simple way to avoid viruses, it is also easy to install and replace. When using CovidSafe, no chemicals or detergents are needed. Its’ special coating gives enough protection alone.

CovidSafe can last up to hundred thousand of touches.

“The multi-metal hybrid that we have tested is a unique and very interesting combination. The results of the research are impressive. COVID-19 virus is known to have caused a wide global pandemic, something that hopefully can be avoided in the future. Perhaps this sort of a hybrid gives us a way to prepare ourselves better and react even faster if such threat is being faced again.“

Tarja Sironen, assistent professor, University of Helsinki, Department of Virology

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Create your design

You may either use our pre-cut designs or create your own. The material can be pre-cut to fit any desired surface or it can be cut from a larger sheet during the installation. You may ask more about the pre-cut services from our resellers.

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Pull of from sheet

CovidSafe is ready to be used as it is. Just pull of the stick-on material off the sheet and attach to desired surface.

CovidSafe is strong and durable. The material is safe to use and all natural.

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Attach on a surface

Once pulled of the sheet, the stick-on material can be installed on to any contact surface. Easy to stick on, to remove and to replace. Use in railings, door knobs, handles or anywhere where better hygiene is needed.

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Smooth it out!

The material sticks on nicely on any contact surface, squared or rounded. Attach on the desired surface, smooth the material out and enjoy up to hundred thousand touches. We made it really simple to use the CovidSafe!

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Remove & Replace

We added a bright red indicator on the material, underneath the special coating. Once a bright red indicator has appeared, replace your CovidSafe cover with a new one. Don’t worry, CovidSafe protects as worn too!