Finnish company developed a cover for contact surfaces that kills COVID-19 virus

A Finnish family owned company called Clean Touch Medical Oy, developed a temporary and self-adhesive antiviral cover for contact surfaces. COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) virus becomes completely inactive in just minutes on CovidSafe cover. The antiviral cover has been laboratory tested and proven to be efficient by University of Helsinki.

CovidSafe is a patented temporary antiviral cover for all contact surfaces and for everyday use. The special multi-metal hybrid coating is developed by Lainisalo Oy. When the coating wears off, a bright red control colour is being revelead underneath. The appearing red colour indicates it is time to replace the cover with a new one. CovidSafe can last up to hundred thousand of touches. The anti-virus functions are excellent also when the control colour is partly visible.

CovidSafe is already in production and available per meter or per sheet. The company aims to make the cover available soon for consumers as well with the help of a wide retailer network. Lainisalo Oy’s subsidiary, called Clean Touch Medical Oy, is in charge of the distribution and marketing.


Copper is one of the metals that has been studied a lot recently, in Finland and overseas. It is known to have antiviral functions also against COVID-19 virus. In a study of The New England Journal of Medicine, SARS-CoV-2 virus was found to become inactive within four hours on a copper surface.(n engl j med 382;16 April 16, 2020)

The Finnish family owned company, Clean Touch Medical Oy, recently got interested in studying antibacterial functions of different metals. After several laboratory tests the company developed a new and more efficient protection against COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2), CovidSafe. The cover which efficiency is based on copper has a multi-metal hybrid coating. CovidSafe is a natural and safe way to protect oneself against COVID-19 virus.

“The multi-metal hybrid that we have tested is a unique and very interesting combination. The results of the research are impressive. COVID-19 virus is known to have caused a wide global pandemic, something that hopefully can be avoided in the future. Perhaps this sort of a hybrid gives us a way to prepare ourselves better and react even faster if such threat is being faced again.“ Tarja Sironen, assistant professor, University of Helsinki, Department of Virology.


The invention is impressive also on a international level, perhaps even one of the most remarkable export products of Finland in the upcoming years. The main goal of the family owned company is to create a completely new way to protect oneself against viruses using temporary covers. Temporary cover is a simple way to avoid viruses, it is also easy to install and replace. When using CovidSafe, no chemicals or detergents are needed. Its’ special coating gives enough protection alone.

In summer of 2020 Clean Touch Medical Oy and University of Helsinki are taking part in a large Co-Innovation project funded by Business Finland. In the project, CovidSafe is being researched even further. Its’ antiviral and antibacterial functions are also being determined on a wider scale. The goal of the project is to create an antiviral and antibacterial protection against different global pandemics such as COVID-19. Such protective product would make it easier and faster to react to new viruses and bacteria. Clean Touch Medical Oy is on its’ way to create a new international standard of protection.